^ Wednesday, January 4 – Big Ben

Today marks my fourteenth full day in London, and since I haven’t been excellent about blogging thus far, I chose fourteen of my favorite pictures to give a glimpse into what I’ve been up to. As you can see, a lot of it has been touristy type things–but I’ve also managed to sneak three museums, the beginning of spring coursework, and a trip to Berlin around that.

Thursday, January 5 – Neat buildings on Great College Street

Friday, January 6 – Found a snack of choice!


Saturday, January 7 – The back side of Westminster Abbey

Sunday, January 8 – Sketches from a visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum

Monday, January 9 – Houses of Parliament

Tuesday, January 10 – British Museum

Wednesday, January 11 – First (British) beer, at Imperial College’s pub

Thursday, January 12 – St. Paul’s Cathedral, as seen from a coffee shop

Friday, January 13 – A neat doorway; Millbank House

Saturday, January 14 – Waiting for the Tube


Sunday, January 15 – First legitimate meal I cooked for myself (pasta and/or eggs don’t count); root vegetable soup with cheddar cheese & Stilton

Monday, January 16 – The British Museum

Tuesday, January 17 – Bessborough Gardens, by the Tate Britain Museum

Wednesday, January 18 – Sunrise this morning!

For more on London, click here, or check out my photo recap of my weekend in Berlin (coming soon).